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Advisors listed below are individuals with business experience or other relevant expertise who may or may not from time to time advise Jeffreys Capital (“Company”) directors and management on management, investment and/or business strategy issues. Advisors are volunteers and have no obligation or authority to make business and/or investment decisions for or on behalf of the Company. From time to time, advisors and/or Company associates may be provided the opportunity to invest in offerings made by the Company. Any such investment offerings, or solicitations will be made only by means of the Confidential Private Offering Memorandum relating to the particular investment. Access to information about the investments are limited to investors who either qualify as accredited investors within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or those investors who generally are sophisticated in financial matters that they can individually evaluate on the merits of the prospective investment. Under no circumstance does the Company maintain that any advisor or Company associate actively participates in a specific investment. It is the sole obligation of the prospective investor to independently verify with individual advisors or Company associate about their individual involvement in any specific investment made with Company.

Ryan M Jeffreys

CEO/Asset Manager

Ryan’s a seasoned financial professional in the capital markets, a real estate investor specializing in multifamily, oil & gas, small cap mergers & acquisitions, and strategic consulting. A former Investment banker, he has held investment series 7 and 63 licenses, currently holds a Florida real estate broker license, is a Certified Distressed Property Expert and Certified Negotiations Expert. A skilled problem solver who finishes where others can’t. As asset manager, Ryan is responsible for creating & executing the business plan for the investment portfolio, providing strategic direction to our partner management companies.  For more than a decade he has strategically invested in Florida distressed real estate assets which he currently manages. In 2020, he founded Deal Flow Realty LLC, a brokerage that focuses on real-estate investments. As the managing broker, Ryan is focused on multifamily listings. His goal is to provide world class service to his agents & customers who benefit from a multilingual team of experts.

Three simple words sum up our business model: Value, Integrity, Results

Career highlights;

In 2001 he founded Beyond Horizons Group. A strategic consulting and targeted private equity firm focused on investments in the distressed oil & gas industry. After exiting circa 2006, Beyond Horizons Group consulted for multiple small cap public companies in various industries to help with growth plans and specializing in complex financial structures to provide funding initiatives.
In 2003 Ryan co-founded and managed a multimillion dollar private equity fund which invested in litigation receivables.
Starting in 2001 through 2006 he served on the Advisory board of American Energy Corporation.
From July 2015 through Feb 2016 he was voted in by majority vote as Chairman of the board for Theaprin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
In 2015 Ryan was offered the position of Commercial Director to run the commercial department for RelatedISG International Realty. In this capacity Ryan helped structure systems to grow the commercial division. 

Mark Kenney

Strategic Investment Partner

Mark is a seasoned real estate investor, coach, two-time best-selling author and founder of Think Multifamily. Mark started his Apartment Investing career over 20 years ago as a side hustle, while working 80+ hour work weeks in the corporate world. He has purchased over 8,000 units in just the past few years in six different states.

Mark has a passion to help others achieve success quickly in multifamily investing. He specializes in educating others how to go BIG, fast through syndication! In his first year of coaching, he helped others acquire 6,000+ apartment units worth over $380M. The smallest deal any of his students purchased is 90 units…so, it is possible to go BIG, fast even if you don’t have any experience! His coaching style is “no fluff” and he is passionate about results and providing unmatched service!

Mark is a graduate at Michigan State University in Accounting and is a CPA. He has also provided IT consulting for 20 years and is leveraging his vast IT experience to bring new creative technologies that will help others in the multifamily space. He has worked for organizations such as KPMG Consulting, EDS, SAP, HP, and founded Simplifying-IT which provides IT services to fortune 500 companies.

David Bloom

ACQUISITIONS ANALYST / financial director

David is a seasoned real estate investor specializing in single and multifamily investments. He currently holds a Florida real estate sales associate license. He is a creative and analytical problem solver who finds solutions where others see obstacles. In 2010 he co-founded Stern Bloom Properties Group, a real estate investment and management company focused on investments in the South Florida distressed single family homes market. In 2021 he joined Jeffreys Capital which is actively seeking multifamily assets throughout Florida and the southeast, as well as financial partners and purchase opportunities. As acquisition specialist his focus is on multifamily properties from 50 to 150 units. As a multifamily listing specialist at Deal Flow Realty LLC, his goal is to provide world class service to his customers who benefit from a multilingual team of experts. Three simple words sum up our business model: Value, Integrity, Results. David was born and raised in South Florida. He studied business at Florida Atlantic University and earned his law degree from Nova Southeastern University. He was a founding partner of Stern Bloom Media, a leading product photography studio and print publishing company in South Florida for over 23 years.  Passionate about real estate, he made the transition from publishing entrepreneur to full time real estate entrepreneur in 2020.  In his free time, David loves to exercise, downhill ski, and spend quality family time with his wife, kids, and dog Zac.


Michael Stern

Investor Relations / Marketing Director

Michael is a seasoned real estate investor specializing in single and multifamily investments. He currently holds a Florida real estate sales associate license. In 2010 he co-founded Stern Bloom Properties Group, a real estate investment and management company focused on investments in the South Florida distressed single family homes market. In 2021 he joined Jeffreys Capital in charge of investor relations. Jeffrey’s Capital is actively seeking multifamily assets throughout Florida and in other select cities throughout the US, as well as financial partners for purchase opportunities. As a listing specialist at Deal Flow Realty LLC, his goal is to provide world class service to his customers. As a former Commissioner for the City of Aventura, Michael is well connected and trusted in the community he loves to serve. He is a board member for the Aventura Marketing Council, Chairman of the Aventura Police Department Community Advisory Panel, has served on the board of many condo and homeowner associations, and hosts several regional networking groups. For over 25 years, Michael was partner in one of South Florida’s premier print publishing companies with the main focus on helping businesses create the best brand image for it’s customers. He has built a large network of trusted people to work with, enjoys traveling and collecting jigsaw puzzles from his favorite destinations. He is a dedicated friend, father, and husband. Michael is a colon cancer survivor/warrior who has a strong belief in helping others, being positive, authentic resulting in quality long term relationships.


Attorney & Strategic Advisor

Dugan Kelley co-founded Kelley Clarke, PC with the mission to deliver big firm expertise and experience to our local community. Kelley Clarke currently serves clients throughout the United States with its principal offices in Prosper, Texas and Santa Barbara, CA. Mr. Kelley chairs the firm’s securities and real estate practice groups assisting clients in all phases of multifamily, commercial, and residential acquisitions or sales. Mr. Kelley’s real estate expertise includes transactional services for his clients ranging from commercial loan closings, real estate private equity capital raises, joint venture agreements, commercial leasing, business acquisitions and general commercial real estate services for multifamily syndicators, investors, and developers. In the last couple of years, he has handled combined transactions of over 3+ Billion Dollars.

Throughout Mr. Kelley’s 45+ collective years of experience, he has also tried numerous cases in state and federal courts, administrative courts, and arbitration. With over $70 million in verdicts, settlements, workouts, and millions in settlements prior to trial, Mr. Kelley understand that there isn’t a one-solution-fits-all for every case. Mr. Kelley routinely advises real estate investors and other entrepreneurs about entity selection, corporate formation, risk assessment, and other related transactional needs. Mr. Kelley also represents a number of companies and family business in providing advice and counsel in the capacity as outside general counsel.

Mr. Kelley was previously a partner with Coppello & Noel, one of the nation’s foremost complex commercial litigation firms, in Santa Barbara, California. While at Cappello & Noel, Mr. Kelley successfully prosecuted and defended major commercial litigation involving a variety of commercial matters including lender liability, contract and transactional disputes, and fraud.

Mr. Kelley and his wife Michelle currently live in the Dallas area actively raising their 3 boys.

Our Advisory Board

Clifford Stein, Esq.

Advisory Board

Cliff Stein is an accountant and an attorney with more than 20 years of experience in real estate investment and finance. Cliff graduated with honors from American University with Bachelors of Science degrees in Finance and Accounting, received his law degree from the University of Miami and is a member of the Florida Bar Association. From 1993 to 2001, Cliff was appointed by the Florida governor to serve as Commissioner of the Florida Real Estate Commission, the governmental unit that oversees and regulates the real estate brokerage industry in Florida.

Career Highlights:

  • Began his professional career as a law clerk to the Honorable Judge Joseph A. Gassen, U. S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

  • Appointed to the Board of Directors at Cenvill Development by the F.D.I.C to represent its interests as the single largest Cenvill shareholder.

  • Formed Savitar Realty Advisors in 1987 to serve large financial institutions and government agencies on non-performing real estate investments.

  • Savitar Tax For more than 15 years, Savitar Tax Advisors has earned an unmatched reputation in the corporate community for it’s professional approach and definitive results. Savitar’s expert accounting, legal and valuation professionals address both valuation and legal issues as they impact your assessment. Savitar’s principals include a tax attorney and a certified public account who are expert in financial analysis, property valuation and ad valorem taxation.

Adam D Robbins

Acquisitions Analyst

Adam D. Robbins, MBA is a licensed real estate broker in the states of NY and FL. Adam has worked in the field of commercial real estate finance for more than twenty years and has been involved in the closing of more than $2 Billion in transactions on both the debt and equity sides of the capital stack. Prior work experience includes positions with both institutional and privately held firms including Morgan Stanley, Equity One, Inc., The Lightstone Group, and Garden Homes.


  • Acquisitions Analysis
  • CRE Debt
  • Underwriting
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis & Valuation
  • Lease Analysis
  • Commercial Property Due Diligence & Underwriting
  • Transaction Management
  • Asset Management